Welcome to The Child Lab at Yale University!

We are a group of researchers who study child development with fun activities where children answer questions about pictures and videos. By asking our questions to hundreds of children, we can learn how children understand the world, and how teachers and parents can best teach children about the world. 
Each of our studies is a scheduled video chat with you, your child, and a Yale researcher. The video chat is usually 20 to 30 minutes, and we send the parent a $10 Amazon gift card, so that the child can pick out a prize!
When a family signs up on our website, we usually have new studies available every couple of months. When we email with information about available studies, we usually try to offer studies for every child in the family (ages 4 to 10) so that each child in the family has the opportunity to participate and get a prize!
Where should you go next?
  • If you came here from “Children Helping Science” then we have a special signup form where you can choose which study you saw. Click here to sign up!
  • For more information about our online studies, see TheChildLab.com
  • If you live near Yale University in New Haven, you can check out our lab at Yale University.
What does online participation look like?
Glad you asked! You can see an overview of our online studies in this video: